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*Please be aware that at least one Criterion must be selected.*
  1. In the Criteria drop-down box, select the desired criteria you want to search on.
  2. Once you have it selected a field(s) will appear below based on what you have chosen. You can enter your wording, dates, numbers, etc. Then click the Add button.
  3. The criteria will appear in the Current Search Criteria box to the right.
  4. Select another criteria item, enter a value and repeat until you have entered what you need to build a multi-criteria search.
  5. Verify whether you entered the information correctly. If not, select the item you need to change in the box and click on the Edit button to make your corrections. You MUST click on the Add button again to make the change effective.
  6. If needed, use the Remove button to delete criteria.
  7. For multiple criteria search enter criteria values seperated by a comma and without spaces (e.g. for a multiple zip code search, enter: 32301,32302). 

Saving and Loading Searches
*Google Chrome currently has a bug that will not allow the Save/Load feature to function properly. Until this is corrected, we recommend using Internet Explorer or Firefox.*
Saving Search Criteria
Returning users may wish to save their search criteria for future use.
  1. Create your search criteria selections, per instructions above.
  2. Click the Save/Load button and a dialog box will appear. Enter a Name for your personal criteria search and click on Save. The personal criteria search is saved, provided you have cookies enabled (for details about enabling cookies, please consult your browser documentation).
  3. The criteria will appear in the Current Search Criteria box to the right.

Loading a Saved Search
  1. Click the Save/Load button and the dialog box will appear.
  2. In the Saved Searches box, click the drop-down arrow and select the saved search you want to use.
  3. Click on Load. The stored criteria and values will display in the Current Search Criteria box.
  4. Click the Search button to generate a list of results.

Copying a Saved Search
You can create multiple saved searches that have slightly different values by copying an existing search.
  1. Load a saved search per instructions above.
  2. Add, edit and/or delete the criteria to make necessary modification(s) to meet your needs. Remember to use the appropriate buttons and check your criteria in the Current search criteria box on the right.
  3. Click the Save/Load button. In the dialog box save the new search with a different name than the original saved search.